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Wisewear | Iris Apfel Designs Smart Jewelry


Jewelry, meet technology. Let’s call it “fashtech.”

Iris Apfel has teamed up with Wisewear to design a line of luxury smart jewelry bracelets each featuring activity tracking, notifications, and distress messaging. Whether you’ve fallen and can’t get help, feel uncomfortable in a parking lot, or need a quick getaway on a first date, you’ll be able to tap the bracelet 3 times to notify your emergency contacts along with your GPS location. With a simple vibration, you’ll be able to stay connected with mobile notifications. Can’t believe I could have avoided all the times I got in trouble for not answering when my mom calls. Also, stay in the know with daily step count, calories burned, and distance traveled each day.

How does it work?

Wisewear’s patented technology is what allows them to send bluetooth signals through precious metals. The line includes 3 brass bracelets coated in 18k gold or palladium that are all pretty cool looking. Today I am wearing the Calder in palladium. Wisewear’s Socialite collection launches March 6th but till then they are in pre-order phase and I am proud to be an early adopter. I love the fusion of tech and luxury jewelry and am excited to see what jewelry designers Wisewear partners with next!

Who is the bracelet for?

Focusing on the features of Wisewear’s bracelets leads me to believe this bracelet is made for every woman, at every age, in every lifestyle, on every wrist. Why? Because beauty will forever and always be so much more than meets the eye. Similar to the bracelet, below the surface, various factors and complexities play into what makes a woman remarkable, inner strength, confidence, and character to name a few. This bracelet’s technological complexities, found under the precious metals, are what make this bracelet not ‘just another bracelet.’

In other words, Wisewear is a symbol that reminds every woman to feel empowered.

My Outfit Details

I styled my smart bracelet with a boohoo neck crop top and totally mesmerizing layered tulle skirt by Free People. The satiny nipped-in waist is a super flattering feature. It also just went on sale for $73 too! (Wish I would have bought it at that price!) The cascades of ribbon-trimmed tulle along the bottom of the skirt add some super feminine flair so for a more eclectic statement, I paired with edgy heeled tie-up booties.

Links and details are down below!


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SKIRT: Free People Keep Me Tutu Skirt // TOP: Boohoo High Neck Crop Top // BRACELET: Socialite ‘Calder’ Bracelet // CLUTCH: Faux Silver Leather Clutch // BOOTIE: ‘Corwin’ Open Toe Bootie //

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