Instagram Boyfriends

What is an Instagram Boyfriend?

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My name is Jordan Joseph Ramirez and I am an Instagram boyfriend.

How good it feels to now have an outlet to share and discuss the life that I have chosen for myself by falling in love with a fashion blogger named Dani Austin. You probably won’t find me online unless you are one of the eighty six people that follow me on Instagram. You won’t see me in many pictures, but make no mistake that I am on the other side of that lens for every moment that you enjoy. I am the one who waits an extra three minutes additional to bite every meal for #foodie pics. I am the one who has enough hair extensions throughout my car that I fear being arrested for suspicion of murder. I may not have thousands of followers and I may only have three pictures total of myself, but make no mistake that I am here, and I am not alone.

AFW1 This column is for the fellas out there who had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

We are more than the shadows that appear against the solid colored wall.

We are more than glorified purses that can carry up to five changes in wardrobe.
We are a people, and this is forum and our support group.

This column is our survival guide.


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