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Hey ya’ll! I know it’s been a while… But it has been CRAZY busy during South By Southwest! South By this year was SO much fun and I met so many great people!! Well, here are some of my looks from the last couple of weeks in Austin- hope ya’ll enjoy! // 2.jeans // // 4.earrings

You guys… This is the MOST comfy dress! You can dress it up, dress it down, and order it in so many different colors!!2a6f94d8-08c6-11e7-9fed-0242ac1100021.dress // 2.jacket // 3.handbag // // 5.hat

This. Top. I got SO many compliments on this fun, flattering, flowy top, ya’ll!
3aa22b50-0ab6-11e7-9fed-0242ac110002 // 2.shorts // //4.necklace

OK. CUTENESS ALERT!! Can you say flirty n fun?! I can! 5fe37026-0e97-11e7-9fed-0242ac1100021.blouse // 2.shorts // //4.handbag // // 6.necklace // 7.ring

Okay.. So I know horizontal stripes can be a challenge… But the way this top was made is seriously SO flattering! // 2.jeans // 3.handbag //

A lil’ bit of stripes, a lil’ bit of green, a lil’ bit of // 2.jeans // 3.jacket // // 5.rings

denim on denim done right, ya’ll! I’ve never felt so cool!!31afcfee-0819-11e7-9fed-0242ac110002 1.jacket // 2.jeans // // 4.ring // 5.handbag

Mkkkkkay… This, my friends, is THE outfit of ALL outfits! 84fb9242-0882-11e7-9fed-0242ac110002 // 2.jacket // 3.jeans // // 5.handbag

Casual, comfy, and cute?! Can I get an AMEN?!?!?99ccb494-0b81-11e7-9fed-0242ac110002 // 2.cardigan // 3.shorts // 4.handbag // // 6.hat

Bootie, Bootie, Bootie rockin’ everywhere.. I found you Miss Frye Bootie.420b5392-0748-11e7-9fed-0242ac110002 // 2.cardigan // 3.jeans //

This sweater + these jeans + these sandals = love!!! These sandals are a little bit of a splurge BUT they are the absolute cutest and can be worn all day, everyday.
476a9e06-09a7-11e7-9fed-0242ac110002 1.sweater // 2.jeans //

Nothing like a little shoulder action ๐Ÿ˜‰
1287b878-05d2-11e7-9fed-0242ac110002 // 2.jeans // // 4.sunglasses

I LOVE DIS TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! // 2.shorts // // 4.handbag // 5.necklace

The blouse. The earrings. A MUST!View More: // 2.jeans // // 4.earrings // 5.handbag

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