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Trying on Engagement Rings With Simon G. Jewelry

simon g. jewelry

This is a pretty funny story. Last month, I was sitting upstairs editing a Youtube video in bed, (the usual) when I heard a cacophony of screams from downstairs. Initial thoughts that went through my mind: A.) Roomies saw a massive spider B.) Roomies watched scariest Youtube video on earth C.) Roomies witnessed a murder. I jolted out of bed and ran downstairs to investigate the commotion. Upon turning the corner I saw an ocean of diamonds and jewels radiating off of the kitchen table. This last thought ran through my mind: Roomies robbed a jewelry store.

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Last month my roomie and fellow fashion blogger, Brighton, collaborated with Simon G. Jewelry – I was fortunate enough to witness the whole shin-dig. Check out her post here! So, no. Roomies did not rob a jewelry store but upon receiving the shipment from Simon G. Jewelry of STUNNING baubles to shoot for Brighton’s blog post, roomies screamed in excitement. Understandably so. When Simon G. Jewelry reached out to me to help promote an upcoming trunk show at Bailey Banks & Biddle at Barton Creek Mall in Austin, I was ecstatic to be a part. It’s not everyday I get to play dress up with luxury jewelry.

Not to mention, timing was perfect. My boyfriend Jordan and I have been dating for almost three years. I’m asked about what my ideal engagement ring is, on a regular basis. The question never catches me off guard but I mean, I have no clue! This trunk show was the perfect time to explore my options! Doesn’t hurt to look, right!? Jordan and I headed to the Simon G. Jewelry trunk show to try a couple rings on together, (Mom, don’t freak out…it was just for fun.)  I was able to mix and mingle with a few of the members of the Simon G. and Bailey Banks & Biddle team. I loved learning more about  how unique and special each piece of jewelry is. Throughout the afternoon I even had the chance to meet some amazing subscribers who came out the event to say hi. #DayMade

The Simon G. team highlighted a couple of key points to consider when looking at engagement rings.

SHAPE MATTERS MOST. Even before those 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat) choosing a shape you like is most important. Diamonds are cut into ten standard shapes, and round is by far the most common choice but I was initially drawn to the oval shaped diamonds. I feel like you really get a bang for your buck because the oval shape makes the diamonds look MASSIVE! Ha, y’all know me. Always looking for the ‘best deal.’

CHOOSE A METAL. The main choices for engagement ring metals are platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Platinum and white gold are the most popular choices. These two metals look very similar, but platinum is more durable and costs about 50% more. I am still torn on metals and have no idea but I my favorites are platinum and yellow gold.

RING STYLES. Think about the clothes you wear and the art and furniture you appreciate—that should give you some clues as to whether you prefer a ring that’s classic, vintage, modern, nature-inspired, glamorous, or some combination. I tend to be very trendy so I think a classic ring would suit me so I know I won’t get tired of it. I mean…you have it for the rest of your life!

Scroll down to see some of my favorite Simon G. pieces I tried on!

IMG_7298simon g. jewelryIMG_7288

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