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New York Fashion Week Day 1

I have never experienced anything like New York Fashion Week this year. I am naturally an introverted person that can only express my extroversion if I have a good nights sleep. There were two moments at the beginning and end of everyday that were crucial to my survival of NYFW. Those moments usually happened between 6:45 a.m. – 7:01 a.m. before the second snooze goes off and 12:47 a.m. and 12:55 a.m. as my mind settles before I doze off to sleep. I can’t tell you how important it was for me to have a nice bed, bathroom, and pillow underneath my head to recharge before the madness repeats again.

The Park Central New York Hotel was a godsend to me. There were a couple of things that would make it at the top of my recommendation list. The most important was it’s central location to all of Midtown where I spent most of my time. Even beyond NYFW, the hotel is located right in the heart of all that you want and need to see in New York City. But in NYFW, it is a simple walk or Uber away from all the hustle and bustle to take a quick nap that I never got around to having.

If you are seeking refuge from the New York City craze then stay at the Park Central  Hotel to stay recharged.

Links for my outfit are down below!

  Dani Austin NYFW Gold skirt10Dani Austin NYFW Gold skirt8Dani Austin NYFW Gold skirt1  Dani Austin NYFW Gold skirt17 Dani Austin NYFW Gold skirt16 Dani Austin NYFW Gold skirt15 Dani Austin NYFW Gold skirt14 Dani Austin NYFW Gold skirt13 Dani Austin NYFW Gold skirt12 Dani Austin NYFW Gold skirt11  Dani Austin NYFW Gold skirt9  Dani Austin NYFW Gold skirt7

SKIRT: Satin Midi Skirt ($45! Size small) // SWEATER: Topshop (Size 2) // SHOES:  Similar // HANDBAG: Rebecca Minkoff//

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    E Golden
    September 16, 2017 at 2:47 am

    Dani, what was the eyeshadow brand, and the color name you were wearing, in the video where you had on your striped sweater and were talking about your new engagement ring? Thanks for responding.

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