This is my big girl tote. It has a spot for a coffee cup, photo ID,  tissues, laptop, cell phone, and detachable key ring holder. I can’t be the only one with a bottomless pit, key-eating purse that I swear one day, is going to make my boyfriend lose his cool. I appreciate convenience when it comes to my handbags, because I really need it, and Dagne Dover does the trick!

I work from home but am in and out of my apartment attending meetings or working at coffee shops all day. I appreciate a comfortable look that says “I’m a young professional, maybe?”

To start off, every girl needs a pair of basic black skinny jeans. They can be worn multiple times during the week because they can be styled in a million different ways. My long v-neck blouse is supper flattering and flowy and has a cool modern monochrome print. It’s one of those tops I put on and say, “You go girl!” lol, really though. I like to spice things up with my black leather booties but I am loving these booties for Fall – and really want to get them! I am wearing lipstick and red Marc Jacobs nail polish for some vibrant yet mature pops of color.

Do y’all have a big-girl staple?  Scroll down for more pics and leave a comment down below if you want! :)

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