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Love, Shopping, and Giving this Christmas Season


The Christmas season is one in which we all come together. It is a time of thanksgiving and cheer, of family and support, laughter and joy. I have felt that this is a hard year for us all. It has been a year of divisiveness between peoples, there are wars, and there are many things to feel somber about. Coming into the Christmas season it seems that we need to focus on what the season is all about more than ever: love. I want to see love bring us back together again. I want love to make those who feel fear feel safe again. I want for love to make those who feel lonely to feel complete. I want for love to heal the wounds of our country, our people, and our hearts.

I am partnering with one of my favorite brands this year to see my wants become reality.

Altar’d State is a brand that has always strived to change the world for the better. They are  constantly inspired by the idea of improving the self-esteem and self-image of their customer and creating a movement to stand out, for good. This year they have started a movement to stand out for good this Christmas season with their #ASGiveLove locket campaign.  

With the brand, we are trying to reach over 500,000 people with love this season.

alterdstate-10 alterdstate-12

The locket is unique and simple and comes with every purchase from Altar’d State. It comes with a heart and a key, the heart gets gifted to someone that needs a little love this season and the key is kept as a reminder to tell how the love was shared. It is not meant to be fancy, but rather a subtle reminder of the real meaning this Christmas season.

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Sometimes it is uncomfortable to go out of your way to tell someone you appreciate them. It is often times counter-intuitive for us to give up our daily routines to care for another. This is what the Christmas season is all about and what makes it so special. It is about shining a light during this special season in a celebration of love that sometimes feels lost the rest of the year. You all know me, I am a shopper and I can’t say that I won’t stop this season. The #ASGiveLove campaign by Altar’d State is only meant to remind us with each purchase what the real meaning of the season is. If you decide to swing by Altar’d State for your holiday shopping then be sure to spread the love and let’s dream big to reach more than 500,000 people with love.

You won’t regret the sacrifice when you see the smile on the other’s face.


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