Hey hey ya’ll, welcome to this weeks Instagram roundup! I have been crazy busy this week in full swing of SXSW, planning a trip to Mexico, AND learning how to eat healthy (paleo, ugh).

I’m going to be back and forth between Dallas and Austin this whole month. AKA I am so exhausted and trying my best to avoid the “blogger burnout” I hear about all the time, but that’s a whole other convo for another post. For now, I will stay focused on what this post is supposed to be about. MAH PIXELS ON INSTA. #leggo

Tuck it in, knot it up, or leave it flowy – this tee was meant for you and me. I’m also obsessed with these new jeans I splurged on. #BadDani #ButSoWorthIt11.Blouse // 2. Jeans // 3.Shoes

I am feeeeeeelin’ this outfit, ya’ll. Can you tell? Cute bell sleeve for $39. Come in black and white as well.14baec18-ff5a-11e6-9fed-0242ac1100021.Blouse // 2.Jeans // // 4.Earrings

The famous Marc Fisher wedges that EVERY blogger has, lol, but seriously they make ANY and EVERY outfit! Also, did you notice the scalloped hems on my sleeve? Darling, right?!3 1.Blouse // 2.Jeans // 3.Shoes // 4.Watch // 5.Bracelet

I didn’t coordinate with the wall on purpose, but it worked out pretty well. #merica41.Blouse // 2.Jeans // 3.Shoes  // 4.Earrings

Nothing says  shhhexy like a little off the shoulder action51.Blouse

K. Here I go… in this bomber again. #sryimnotsry #ididntchosethebomberlifethebomberlifechoseme
71.Top // 2.Bomber // 3.Jeans // 4.Sneakers // 5.Sunglasses

Traveled in this little outfit South on I 35 allll the way from Dallas to Austin! Comfy ‘n cute for the win.20f5cb82-01ff-11e7-9fed-0242ac110002 1.Top // 2.Jacket // 3.Jeans // 4.Sneakers // 5.Handbag

Dis sweater you guys. P e r f e c t i o n. C o z y. Y a y.63a0dd36-002e-11e7-9fed-0242ac110002

1.Top // 2.Jeans // 3.Shoes

Boyfriend jeans + horizontal pin stripes = what blogger dreams are made of6946fc98-ff73-11e6-9fed-0242ac1100021.Top // 2. Jeans // 3.Shoes // 4.Sunglasses // 5.Earrings

Yo. The perfect cropped top for a pair of high waist leggings or jeans.2124450a-ffb9-11e6-9fed-0242ac110002

1.Top // 2.Jeans  // 3.Shoes

This striped pullover just makes me happy.a5d0e238-feda-11e6-9fed-0242ac110002 1.Top // 2.Jeans // 3.Shoes // 4.Earrings

This outfit is what I call SEXY! Why yes, I am wearing faux leather leggings and you need to try them.b51a86c8-027d-11e7-9fed-0242ac110002

1.Blouse // 2.Pants // 3.Shoes // 4.Handbag

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    Abby Darlington
    March 24, 2017 at 10:29 pm

    Love all your outfits! I pretty much live in that black and white striped top shop shirt. In fact, my mom told me today “hey you’re wearing that shirt again” haha thanks mom.

    PS- Saw your Insta-story with that yellow dress you were super excited about. I think your excitement was warranted, it’s adorable!

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