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Being an Instagram Boyfriend


“Every hero needs a sidekick”

As an Instagram boyfriend, I have come to realize that every blogger needs the basics – a photographer with an understanding of “the angles”, a group of followers that will validate and comment on the content created, and an outfit. Well, maybe like four or five for a given day. For most of the boyfriends, we need none of those things. Therefore, sometimes we get so caught up in the “work” we feel we are doing, that we neglect what our bloggers need at the end of the day: love. Rather than tweak the angle, sometimes the best encouragement is to the heart.

Every hero needs a sidekick just like every blogger needs an Instagram boyfriend.

At the end of the day, it is our job to be their biggest, most loving and supportive fan.


To make this day special, I sought out Austin Flower Market, a local business who offers $30 flower delivery in Austin. I am by no means an expert in flowers, but Dani is, and so I needed other experts to help me find something that she was going to love. The team at Austin Flower Market paired me with the Tiny Bloom which was the perfect summer assortment to put a smile on Dani’s face. I also realized that they announce a new bouquet everyday via Instagram. The story is told in photos below.




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