How Do Homeowners Paint The Exterior Wall?

Austin TX Painting Contractors Tips

To perform this complex operation, it is necessary to have certain tools and the appropriate equipment for your Austin home. Having to reach a high height, it is essential to strictly follow the safety rules that guarantee those who carry out this activity the protection they need. With the right tools, it is also possible to obtain a more accurate and pleasing to the eye result.

In general, what is needed to paint the external walls is:

  • scaffolding, scaffolding or ladder of adequate height, which complies with safety regulations and has the right size about the height of the house;
  • telescopic brushes with bristles suitable for use on external walls;


Paint Inside

• wooden or metal stick with which to mix the paint inside the can; • an anti-mold and anti-humidity paint if it is located in an area at risk or particularly rainy. Alternatively, it is possible to use normal acrylic paint which makes the wall waterproof, prevents humidity from settling and allows the one already present to evaporate towards the outside;

Avoid Staining Them With Paint

  • nylon to protect window frames and any balconies or terraces to avoid staining them with paint;
  • adhesive tape to fix the nylon;
  • hydro-cleaner to remove the inevitable residues of dirt present on the external walls of a house;
  • grinder to be used if salt deposits are noticed in the form of white spots on the wall;
  • brush to carefully remove moss or algae that are often found in the external bricks;
  • lime to close any holes, unevenness, damage or imperfections in the walls.

Especially in the choice of brushes and rollers, it is advisable to pay close attention. Specifically, using high-quality tools guarantees a much more homogeneous and accurate result. Acrylic paint, which is generally used to paint the external wall, requires an accurate and compact application. In the same way, the wall’s preparation through a thorough cleaning of the area is essential so that the paints are deposited correctly and homogeneously throughout the area. Thus, the preparatory phase should include all the necessary steps to proceed with the painting of the external wall.


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