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I recently saw an AXE commercial encouraging me to find my “magic.” It got me thinking, what is magic?

mag·ic /ˈmajik/noun

1. the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

What is MY magic? Startups. I work in startups. If you don’t know about startups, then you can watch a show like Shark Tank or Silicon Valley, you can read one of the many trendy books like “The 4-Hour Workweek” or you can just go to any coffee shop in Austin or anywhere honestly, and hear some developer talking about it. Startups and being an “entrepreneur” is a really popular fad right now.
Jordan_Ramirez_of_Wise_Wear_with_Publisher_Lou_DeloneI, however, like to think that it is a bit different for me.

Personally, I have always liked ideas. I have always had the ability to look at something and see what it could be (imagination), much more than what it actually is in the moment (current state). What’s most interesting is that, I have always enjoyed the journey of “getting there” far more than actually attaining the goal. Ergo, I find much pleasure in the process; I like to chase ideas and I like to build things. I was never extremely athletic in the traditional sense, but in a business sense, I like to compete. I like to use creativity and ingenuity to win.

When I am building a business, there are two feelings that are evoked: elation and fear; There are days where I feel like I am on top of the world and then there are the days where I question everything; a fear so great that I consider a desk job as my new forever. You know, it’s funny how closely these days can transpire. I can feel elation in my bones on Monday and have the fear consuming my body by that Tuesday.

I have often times pondered why people enjoy doing startups so much. How has riding this brutal rollercoaster of a career become such a buzz-worthy endeavor?! I think it all comes down to the concept of magic. Startups: this is my magic and as the definition states, “the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.” I’ll explain further.

There are these moments; moments where you have been lacking sleep for an immense amount of time, pouring every ounce of your being into this one idea, and then something just clicks. Just like that! It can vary from a big deal, a press hit, a new round of funding, or even a newfound relationship. Sometimes it seems that the two French doors at the end of the long corridor seem to just open wide, right into your favor and the 95% of sweat is met with the 5% of what seems to be an overwhelming amount of blessing. It just feels like magic. Some are put onto this metaphorical pedestal and deemed a business gurus’ or absolute genuis’, but in all actuality, they aren’t.

I see a lot of sweat, a little blessing, a whole lot of luck; a right time in the right place kind of thing.

Consider Snapchat: this is what I like to refer to as a company unicorn (mythical in a sense). Some person went on a stage, provided the idea of an app that allows you to record micro-moments that are deleted after 24 hours. Who knew THAT would work?! Did anyone honestly see that as a 1 billion dollar idea? Not me! But look at it now.

The ideas take form, come together, are met by sweat, blessing, & a little luck to create magic. These ideas that can create magic become intrical parts of our daily lives. THIS is what everyone is chasing; the ability to change the world.

You see, not everyone wants to ride this startup rollercoaster; maybe the height requirement is too great for some or maybe it makes others a little nauseous and that’s okay, too. But I found my rollercoaster, and for me, the ups and the downs give me that feeling in my stomach that make it all worth it- even on what seems like hopeless days.

As I pondered the idea of finding my magic further, I began to realize AXE’s idea behind their newfound slogan. We may choose similar career paths, but no two human beings have the same genetic makeup or encounter identical experiences that would make us the same. We go through life trying to find things that best fit us.


  • Startups as my career choice
  • Dani Austin as my partner in this crazy thing called life
  • How I deal with my daily hygiene: AXE Adrenaline Shampoo, AXE Gold Dry Spray Antiperspirant, AXE Trilogy Urban Charcoal & Clean Body Wash
  • Showering in the morning rather than the evening
  • Eating anything but breakfast food for breakfast

I found my magic. Now, it’s your turn. Visit and find the AXE products that best fit you and/or your spouse/significant other. Look for H-E-B in store yellow coupon and Save $5 off your basket when you buy $15 of any AXE personal care product. In-store Offer Dates: 3/1 to 3/14 // Digital Offer Dates: 2/22 – 3/21. Comment down below with your go-to AXE products.axeDefine: Jordan Ramirez Magic- I work in startups. I chose Dani Austin and she chose me. I use certain axe products that fit to my liking. I shower in the morning & I eat spaghetti for breakfast.


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