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Eating My Way Through Dallas One Brunch At a Time

Best places to brunch in Dallas?! No problem. Meet my top THREE! And that’s saying a lot.. a whole lot! In no specific order, here are the places you can find me on a Saturday or Sunday morning between 10:30am-12:30pm.

Bistro 31

bistroLocation: Highland Park Village

OMG! Can you say NOM?! I’ve been here for brunch, lunch, and dinner and everything was absolutely phenomenal. You could catch me eating pancakes garnished with berries in the early afternoon, pasta for lunch, and sushi in the evening. This place ROCKS it! Not only that- this place is surrounded by some of my all time favs: Vince, Rag & Bone, Alice & Olivia, and the list goes on and on and on! Definitely a MUST.

P.S. This menu could feed ANYONE!

Mercat Bistro

Location: Victory Park

Ya’ll, I was absolutely blown away. In fact, I went for the first time Saturday and found myself back THAT Sunday (& yes, the hostess noticed)! The pastry basket is to die for, their Croque Madame sandwich was what dreams are made of, & the cocktail blew this meal out of the water!

P.S. not a huge selection, but you CANNOT go wrong (in my two times in less than 24 hours, I tasted four menu items– all 5 star).


USINGLocation: Oak Cliff

Do you like lunch for breakfast? Do you like breakfast for lunch? Why not have a healthy medium and eat BOTH for BOTH?! Love me some chicken & waffles & I found THE spot to get them! And ya’ll…the gravy..

P.S. come hungry, leave happy (& a little sleepy)!


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