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December has been the month of ultimate upgrades. To better sort my thoughts, I believe a bullet list may be in need.

  1. I GOT LASIK EYE SURGERY! Don’t worry, a vlog of my entire experience is coming your way but all I have to say for now is…getting your eyebrows waxed hurts 100 times more. I had an amazing doctor and would recommend Dr. Whitman at Key-Whitman LASIK Eye Center 1000 times over. Dr. Whitman made me feel comfortable during the entire 10 min procedure, yes that’s it 10 min. I mean I’ll admit it it was an odd procedure but nothing about it was painful or scary. I am thankful I had the opportunity to get LASIK. Yesterday I couldn’t see how many fingers were being held in front of me three feet away and now – I can read the fine print that pops up on TV commercials!! Anyway, an update coming soon. :)
  2. I UPGRADED TO A CANON 6D full frame camera! I’ve used a Canon Rebel T3i for 5 years and it has been sufficient for my needs when it comes to video on my youtube channel. Now that I am style blogging and really enjoy it, I have been wanting to improve the quality of my photography. I am pleased with the Canon 6D upgrade. I considered the Mark III and a couple of other options but when comparing models and price I decided on the 6D. For now I am saving money to invest in a better lens in the future but I am thrilled to play around with this full frame camera!
  3. AND LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS CAMARO Y’ALL!! This month I am working with Chevrolet as one 12 influencers on an event #ChevyLovesLocal benefiting the charity, I Live Here I Give Here in Austin. The 12 influencers are putting together gift baskets (I heard that they are all worth $300 – $1000!!) to be raffled off for charity. Just between us, thanks to SO many generous businesses in Austin, you won’t be disappointed considering you may find numerous gift cards, amazing designer jewelry, a fabulous treat from Topgolf and seriously, no joke, so much more !

Now for the outfit details. hehe. This laid back drop shoulder v neck sweater dress allows ample room to layer top and bottom. I wore mine with a pair of OTK boots, that were $33, from Target!

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