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Buick: Eat Out For Good at Wu Chow


One morning recently I woke up and something was different.

I walked outside, stretched my legs for a run, but saw that there was a blue convertible out front. It took me awhile before I realized that it was delivered for me by Buick for the Eat Out For Good event that I have been a passionate attendee on for years now.

Eat Out for Good is a social revolution based in Austin, Texas. It consists of weekly online giveaways and periodic Supper Club events. By engaging with local restaurants on social media or attending monthly events, consumers can do good by raising funds for URBAN ROOTS.

Jordan and I have always believed that good food has a way of bringing people together to create deeper, more emotional connections – and at the heart of both good food exists a camaraderie and sense of community. As the presenting sponsor for the second consecutive year, Buick has always recognized what Austin can achieve with the ongoing Eat Out for Good movement.

This was the first time that they had surprised me with a car to travel in too!


The Eat Out For Good this time was at Wu Chow in Austin and showing up in style was pretty empowering. 

Wu Chow brings authentic, farm-fresh, modern Chinese food to the heart of downtown Austin, offering dishes representative of all eight styles of Chinese cuisine, as well as dim sum service on Sundays. Through their local farm and ranch partnerships, Wu Chow is able to provide guests with fresh, regionally-influenced dishes.

The soup dumplings in particular are something to be cherished forever.

wu-chow_093817 lhs-wu-chow-09

Not only was this my first time having a convertible, but it was Hazel’s first time in a convertible ever.

The Buick Cascada was one of the most pleasant surprises for me. The Cascada expands the brand’s portfolio with a dynamic, stylish convertible to complement a fun driving experience. The top lowers in only 17 seconds at speeds up to 31 mph. The flowing, sculpted profile allowed for the wind to blow in my hair as I Snapchatted.      

While I didn’t know this before, the car was surprisingly high tech. The Cascada has a seven-inch-diagonal color touch screen featuring Text Message Alerts, Siri Eyes Free for Apple phones. It has OnStar 4G LTE with built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. It has electric safety belt presenters that use telescopic arms to slide the upper front safety belt assemblies from behind the front seat into closer reach for easier buckling. It has lane departure warning, rear park assist, rearview camera and Rainsense windshield wipers. There really is not much I felt like the car didn’t have! 


I had never spent much time in a Buick before but when it was time to give the Cascada back we were admitadly upset. We are going to miss the wind in our hair, cruising around downtown, and playing our music way too loud but perhaps one day I will buy a Buick of my own.

One thing is for certain, and that is that I don’t think I will ever think of Buick the same again.



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