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Tanning and pantyhose are so yesterday. I’m all about a quick fix and last Friday I experienced Sally Hansen’s Airbrush legs leg makeup application which solved my I’m-so-pale-problem instantly, right from my bedroom! No sun. No salon. No streaks. Sounds too good to be true right?! Let me fill ya in. :)

I partnered with PRIV, an on-demand beauty, lifestyle, and fitness app. The way I like to think of PRIV, it’s like an Uber for services. So whether you are needing a quick blowout and don’t have time to head to the salon or want a quick massage after your morning workout, at any time of the day you can schedule a professional to come out to your home for the service you are seeking. I had the Sally Hansen airbrush legs leg makeup application and a mohawk braid done.

Starting April 1 through August, customers can receive a complimentary Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs application with ANY make-up application.  I took advantage of this the first night of Austin Fashion Week and was so pleased! (Check out the before and after pics down below!) You will be left with a gratis bottle of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs that is in the color that matches their skin tone best.

Sally Hansen’s airbrush formula is flawless and give you that irresistible glow to your legs. Leg contouring is so trendy right now, but I can’t imagine it ever fading. The light-weight leg makeup, is enriched with palmaria extract and enhances the coverage of bruises, veins and uneven complexion. Plus it’s water and transfer resistant.

Check down below for the before and after pics, links, and more details. :)



SallyHansenXPRIV20SallyHansenXPRIV12SallyHansenXPRIV13 SallyHansenXPRIV17 SallyHansenXPRIV14   SallyHansenXPRIV22

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