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5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Glowing This Winter


As the weather get colder (well, maybe not here in Texas), your skin has a tendency to become lackluster and a tad bit more dry. If you’re wishing for that healthy glow year round I’m here to help! Here are 5 ways to keep your skin glowing this Winter.

1. Sunscreen

Wearing SPF should be a part of your daily regime no matter the season! Sunscreen protects your skin and can help decrease signs of aging! This Shiseido one has everything you need! (This from a 30 something who still gets carded to go to R rated movies.) Sunscreen is one of my biggest beauty secrets!

2. Exfoliate

This step takes off that dry flaky top layer of skin but bare with me because this next part is going to sound like science class. There are 2 types of exfoliators; physical and chemical. Physical exfoliators are the scrubs with micro-beads or sugar that you apply in circular motions, like this one from Origins. Physical exfoliators also includes brushe like the Clarisonic. Chemical exfoliators are the skincare products that have acids in them but not the scary kind of acids. These are made to be gentle and actually HELP take care of your skin. I love this chemical exfoliator by First Aid Beauty. Careful though, I’d swatch it on your skin first because this stuff is truly instense but it gets the job done! I remember the first time I used it – I had never seen my skin so radiant! The best way to exfoliate is just by your preference. For y’all sensitive friends out there, a mild chemical exfoliator is best. Just remember not to use exfoliants TOO often, they can be damaging if you over-use them.


I know it’s tempting to grab that Peppermint Mocha before work or class everyday but make sure you get a water to go with it! *Starbucks corporate stores will fill your super cute S’WELL bottle up for FREE!* Staying hydrated insures your skin is glowing from the inside out!

4. Moisturize

Moisturizer is a part of most people’s routine but this time year, adding extra moisture is key! I suggest something light for daytime, Like this caffeinated moisturizer by Perfectly Posh and something a little heavier at night because that’s when your skin cells regenerate and repair themselves. I swear by this sleep mask by Boscia ! Just put it on after you take off your make-up and head to bed.

5. Spritz

Adding moisture back in while you’re out and about has become so quick and easy! Make-up setting sprays come in small purse sizes for just this reason! My mini Smashbox Primer Water doesn’t leave my bag. Just a little spritz will revive your make-up and bring that fresh, dewy, just done look back in an instant! *Spray it in an X across your face for maximum impact!*

*Bonus tip: You can mix a few drips of your favorite facial oil with your foundation to help add moisture! *
I hope these make your skin a little brighter this season!

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    December 13, 2016 at 2:35 am

    I never thought about adding facial oil to my foundation! That’s such a good idea. As someone with dry skin, I’m constantly looking for ways to boost the moisture and keep my skin hydrated!

    Brittany |

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