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Five Unique Ingredients from TEXAS #FromHereForHere


The Texas summer will keep us indoors or in a pool during the peak hours of the day, but there are special moments that happen every weekend evening that allow for us to gather around a grill, fire, or porch to enjoy the coolest hours of the evenings. When the sun starts to fall, and we all are done working for the day, the best thing to do is come together for a cookout.  One of the things that thrives…

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Instagram Boyfriends

What is an Instagram Boyfriend?

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My name is Jordan Joseph Ramirez and I am an Instagram boyfriend. How good it feels to now have an outlet to share and discuss the life that I have chosen for myself by falling in love with a fashion blogger named Dani Austin. This column is for the fellas out there who had no idea what they were getting themselves into. We are more than the shadows that appear against the solid colored wall. …

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Best of Austin Lifestyle

7 New Ways to Beat the Heat in Austin This Summer


It’s only June and we’re already sweating bullets. Here in Austin – beating the heat is necessary. With temperatures quickly rising toward the treacherous triple-digits, we’re all going to need our summertime havens. Here are my top 7 things to do in Austin to escape the summer heat. Still & Sea Bikini LAKE AUSTIN SPA RESORT STAYCATION With Austin growing and more people moving in daily, sometimes I find myself needing to retreat. Austin may no longer be the best kept secret in…

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Where to Eat, Stay, & Shop in Key West


The Florida Keys are sometimes called America’s Caribbean and they exude a blissful remoteness and languid tropical vibe that rivals the West Indies. In a day, you can visit the Southernmost Point in the Continental U.S., take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, visit Ernest Hemingway’s House, eat fresh, off-the-boat seafood, drink at Florida’s oldest bar, and witness a world-renowned sunset. Here are my top places to eat, stay, and shop in Key West.   WHAT TO DO…

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3 Gorgeous Swimsuit Cover-Ups You Need this Summer


Headed for sun and sand? I’ve been stocking up all of my warm weather style staples: sunhats, sandals, swimsuits, and sunnies to name a few. Don't forget to add chic swimsuit cover-ups to your packing list. From kimono to scarf, check out these stylish options for the time between hotel room and poolside.…

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